How to Download PDF Files from – Full Guide

Procuring a research paper on limited funding is such a task. But thanks to various platforms there are a number of options to get papers free of cost legally. One such name is

It provides scholars and researchers a platform to interact and share their work including papers, which we can get for free. You can use our Academia Downloader tool for downloading files without accessing In this post, we will share only how to download PDF files from after accessing the site.

According to the figures provided by the platform itself, there are over 40 million papers by users. If we are able to tap this treasure, it could be a valuable resource for many researchers. Whether you are working on a project or are a student, or need to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest advancements in any field, you can do all of that here. itself provides you the option to download PDF files of various research papers. This way, the users can access the works even offline. If you are not sure and looking for guidance this step-by-step process is for you.

How to Download PDF Files from

The best part of downloading research papers from the Academia website is not illegal. As the author’s permission is involved in the process. Don’t worry if you have an apprehension about the legality of getting the research work files.

Let’s get to the complete process for legally downloading PDF files from the website in this complete guide

How to Download Files From Academia EDU

Step 1: Account Creation

Searching for a method to download papers from, most probably you are new. To begin, a direct download option is not available as of now. Creating an account is the first step. Now to create the account, the process is very simple. A Gmail account, another email address, or a Facebook account is required. Use the credentials including your name to go forward. With this step, you will create an account on Academia.

Step 2: Find the PDF File

After going through the process described in Step 1, it is time to log in to the account. Once inside simply search the paper tile or the keyword to navigate directly to it. Once there you can open the page that contains the PDF of your interest. Here you can see the ‘Download PDF’ button. This button has the link to your file.

Step 3: Download the PDF File

Once the link is located, it is time to tap/click the ‘Download PDF’ button. The file will start to download automatically.

Once you’ve found the PDF file, simply click the “Download PDF” button or link. The file will begin to download. Once the process is complete go to the File Manager on your mobile phone or the Download folder on your computer or laptop.

Locate the PDF file and you can open it and read it any time.


This is the full process to download PDF files from If you are looking for a free and legal source to download the latest research work from any field of study, try this platform. It is a great option for researchers and scholars to share their work with others and you can benefit from it as well.

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